Shanghai Daily Secret review


Putting some British into it

A huge thanks to Shanghai Daily Secret for such an excellent write up and for featuring us on their website.

Here’s what they had to say about us:

We didn’t recognize the smell. At Jiashan vegetable market, the scent of bok choy and watercress was overpowered by an unusual aroma. The sweet scent led us to a strange booth, where the chef was whipping up a foreign dessert! We had discovered The British Kitchen, a baking start-up engineered by James Stockdale, an architect who likes to cook lemon drizzle on the side. It’s an English cake that is difficult to find in China, and it’s bursting with flavor. Try it at Jiashan Market on Saturday, June 15, when James and company will set up shop at the farmers market. Cheers, mate!

You can find the article if you follow this link.

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