Couching tiger hidden Brownie


Sweet collaborations with Strictly Cookies

This month The British Kitchen have been working in collaboration with Shanghai’s famous Strictly Cookies to create a very special treat for their customers – a chocolate brownie centered cookie, or, ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Cookie’ . Delicious beyond words, this sweet treat has received thumbs up from all who have tried it, so make sure to make an order with them and find out what all the excitement is about. The cookies will be available as Strictly Cookies special throughout the month of May, and priced at 45rmb/5, they can be ordered through their website. Enjoy!

About Strictly Cookies and founder Lexie Comstock:

Lexie Comstock founded Strictly Cookies in October of 2010 after lasting two (brutal) months in Shanghai without her favorite treat. Unable to find the delicious homemade cookie that had so defined her childhood and young adult life, Lexie set out to both bring a taste of home to people living abroad in China, and show the good people of China what they’d been missing for the past few centuries (give or take).

Cookies have always been a part of Lexie’s life, though she gave up on the nickname “cookie” after 3 valiant, yet failed, attempts to make it stick. In anticipation of needing a cute story to one day help launch her business, Lexie even had the foresight at age one to choose “cookie” as a first word. When asked about this later, Comstock continues her enthusiasm of speaking in the third person by saying, “she just knew”.